“In your strength, I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall.” Ps. 18:29

When we are in the battle, when we face a wall before us that seems insurmountable, we all have the tendency towards retreating to a comfortable place. We move towards the places of greatest comfort or shelter. These tendencies manifest themselves in various ways, but in ways that are familiar to each of us as individuals.
Sometimes, we are tempted towards unbelief or doubt. It is easier to believe that the battle is too difficult (unbelief) or to have doubts about something that we, ultimately, know is true about God. For example, we might doubt that He really loves us or doubt that He is really capable of changing our circumstances. We gravitate towards thought patterns along these lines. Others are tempted to fear. When we are facing mountains and are in the struggle of faith, our souls are tempted to go down familiar paths; our minds tend towards these familiar, natural thoughts.

When we are in battles, we must fight with the weapons of warfare that God has said will give us victory. We need discernment to know which tools to pick up, at which times. Being adept with the weapons of warfare at our disposal takes time, and it takes practice. The more you study and meditate on God’s Word, the more we will understand God’s ways and the remedy that He has for every life situation, trial or trouble. Likewise, the more we pray and spend time listening to God, the more skillful we will be in utilizing the Word of God to pray. On a side note, this is why it is so important to have mentors in our lives, those who are more battle tested, who discern and understand, who can stand with us in the fight.

We must learn to discern when to fight in prayer; when to act; when to fast; when to petition God; when to sing and when to stand still and to see the salvation of God. At all times, we must cast down the thoughts of our minds that exalt themselves against what we know about God and His will, “casting down thoughts that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God.” 2 Corinthians 10:5. In fact the Bible tells us to ‘demolish these arguments’ that set themselves against the knowledge of God. Sometimes, these thoughts have built a ‘web in heads,’ and have become a stronghold that we cannot seem to circumnavigate or break through.

This is where fasting and prayer come in. We fast so that God can expose these strongholds to us; so that we might enter into warring against them and tearing them down and replacing them with God’s truths. God tells us in Isaiah 58 that, in response to our prayers and fasting, that God will untie every yoke of bondage; break every yoke; and let the oppressed go free!

Unfortunately, most Christians do not understand much about fasting and are ignorant to the victories brought through fasting. So, many continue under the bondages of oppression. The Good News is that Christ died to set us free from oppression and from fear and doubt and unbelief.

I have fought for my freedom for many years, but it is worth the fight. And it seems to me that God is bringing new light to the power that He has given us. This really encourages me for those whom I shepherd and for those whom I love.

Let me encourage you today that there really is no wall that is too big for us to scale, when God is on our side. “In your strength, I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall.” Ps. 18:29


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